Princess Hotels earns new Travel life awards in 4 hotels in the Caribbean

Princess Hotels has once again earned Travel life Certification for 4 Caribbean hotels for the sustainable development of its tourism and hotel business and the best […]

The best Carnivals in Mexico with Princess Hotels

Also known as the ‘festival of meat’, this is the party where almost everything goes. The festival that kicks off Lent. Carnival is here! This is […]

Discover the Chill Out Café del Mar Restaurant at the Bávaro Princess Hotel

Can you imagine a beautiful romantic evening by the sea, under the hazy light of the stars, savouring the most delicious gourmet meal and toasting with […]

What our guests say – Anita und Martin at the Suite Princess

Get to know our guests! Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Anita and Martin from Germany. They remain loyal to the Suite Princess […]

Special Valentine’s Day in the caribbean: Princess hotels suggests a truly unique experience

Special Saint Valentine's Day
It’s perfectly normal that over time couples need a bit of inspiration to find a gift that’s really amazing for their partner. We would like to […]

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