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Buying souvenirs in the Dominican Republic

Would you like to buy souvenirs in Dominican Republic? Would you like to give a family member or friend an original gift to show them what a great time you had on vacation in Punta Cana? Not sure about what Dominican souvenir to buy? When we travel to an exotic place, we may sometimes feel a bit lost about what would be the best thing to buy for family or friends.

That’s why Princess Hotels would like to help you with the doubts you might have when you go shopping in the Dominican Republic. We would like to help you with detailed information to help you learn more about the most typical souvenirs and traditional products in the Dominican Republic that you can take home with you or give as a gift you will remember all your life.

So, if you’re one of those people who don’t know what souvenir to buy in the Dominican Republic. This is your guide!

Typical Punta Cana craftwork

You just have to go out shopping in the Dominican Republic to realize that paintings are the biggest highlight of typical Dominican craftwork. The pictures are full of color and movement, and can be found in all different sizes and styles, from the most abstract to others with a direct Tainan influence. That’s why it’s very common to find them in stores all over the Dominican Republic.

Typical Punta Cana craftwork with Tainan influence

If you find a painting that you love, getting it home will not be a problem. In the store itself you can ask them to remove the fabric from the wooden frame, and then they will roll the painting up for you so that you can travel with it. And if you think it’s an unusual souvenir, just take look around at the airport. You’ll probably see more than one visitor checking in their painting.

Rum, the most international Dominican drink

If there is one product that stands out when we talk about buy souvenirs in Dominican Republic, it is rum. Rum is the national alcoholic beverage made from sugar cane, and has both a white (transparent) version and a golden version. The different Dominican brands (many of them famous internationally) have developed different types of rum adapted to different tastes, needs and pockets. Smaller bottle size are also available for all of our visitors to make it easier to get them home.

Dominican coffee: mild and chocolaty

Almost as famous as the rum, coffee is another key product when you think about buy souvenirs in Dominican Republic. Coffee grains or ground coffee, intense flavor or mild flavor … but always with the aroma and unique body provided by the Dominican soil. If you are a coffee lover, don’t forget to try the Dominican coffee available in all the bars in our Princess hotels in Punta Cana. Order it black, white or anywhere in between, but make sure you give it a try.

Dominican coffee and cacao

Would you like a precious stone? Look for larimar jewelry

One of the typical Dominican gifts for women is jewelry made with larimar, a rare blue stone that can only be found in the Dominican Republic. In jewelry, it is combined with other typical Caribbean elements such as coral, amber or silver. Larimar is the perfect gift for a special woman or for a special woman to treat herself. You can find it in necklaces, nice earrings or a fantastic bracelet. Larimar always looks perfect, and it will remind you of the beautiful sea that bathes the coasts of Punta Cana and your unforgettable trip to the island.

Larimar jewelry

Dominican Republic and the charm of its cigars

When you hear buy souvenirs in Dominican Republic, tobacco always comes to mind, and especially cigars. While it is true that Dominican tobacco already has a great reputation, it is a delicate product which is not easy to preserve and maintain, so make sure you are careful about where you buy it. During your vacations at Princess Hotels, we’re sure that as you walk along the seashore, you’ll find a lot of people offering you cigars. To guarantee the best taste and state of conservation, our advice is that you buy them in specialized stores or stores which have a special area to handle the cigars and keep them at the right temperature.

Dominican chocolate, one of the best in the world

Named one of the best cocoa beans in the world, the Dominican industry is making even greater efforts to develop a local chocolate which can compete with the best in the world. Whether in powder form with milk or as a tablet, we can find varieties that are more pure or have less sugar, or softer chocolates or chocolate with nuts. All of them are delicious!

Dominican chocolate

I love Punta Cana

It’s true that we can’t really talk about one particular typical product from Punta Cana. It’s also true that Punta Cana itself is a name that evokes memories. That’s why another great souvenir of the Dominican Republic is any of the t-shirts, caps, hats or accessories that will help remind you of your Caribbean vacation.

On the other hand, before ending this article with ideas on shopping in the Dominican Republic, we need to add some more information on the products that you should not buy or pick up as a souvenir.

  • Articles made from turtle shells: such as the hawksbill, the loggerhead or carretta.
  • Coral: although it is true that some places have all the permits to sell coral, we advise you not to try to take out of the country any coral that you find on the beach or have bought from a dubious store.
  • Lambi shells: this is Dominican mollusk which has a huge and extremely attractive shell which is a protected species and can only be legally sold in a small number of stores.
  • Starfish: just like the coral and Lambi shells, you must not pick them up off the beach to take home as a souvenir and you have to be careful if you buy one.

Finally, and for the comfort of our visitors, at the Princess hotels in Punta Cana we have shopping galleries with fantastic stores where you can find these and many more products to help make your vacation unforgettable and something to remember forever. Everything at hand and always thinking about your comfort.


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