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The 5 most impressive tours in Riviera Maya

Los 5 tours más impresionantes de la Riviera Maya

When we think about vacations in Riviera Maya, we imagine dream like beaches and infinite swimming pools under the coconut palms of the turquoise coast. And we also imagine fun, culture, adventures and extraordinary scenery. That’s why we have prepared a summary for you with our top tips on what to do in Riviera Maya.

The tours described here are definitely the best 5 excursions in Riviera Maya. Depending on your personality, and especially whether you are travelling with your partner, family or friends, you can choose the ideal tour to get the best out of your vacations and get to know the wonderful ancient Mayan culture. To book your excursions in Riviera Maya, you can contact your agency representative on arrival at your hotel or book it all in advance through the Internet.

Discover the top 5 excursions in Riviera Maya

1. Tulum and Xel Ha

Tulum and Xel Ha-Activities Riviera Maya



A great excursion for you to see for yourself the authentic culture of the Riviera Maya, including a guided tour of the wonderful Mayan ruins at Tulum, one of the most beautiful and important Mayan cities of the classical period. In the afternoon, you can freshen up at the earthly paradise of Xel Ha: an Eden of the gods where an underground river comes to the surface and meets the sea. A dream like environment with crystal-clear waters and different shades of blue,home to an infinity of marine species.





2. Chichen Itzá, Valladolid and the Great Cenote

One of the most popular tours in Riviera Maya is an enjoyable cultural tour of pre and post-Hispanic history during which you can also discover a magical place in the middle of the Yucatan jungle: the Mayan city of Chichen Itza, once the capital of the Mayan Empire. Chichen Itza is home to the most valuable architectural treasures of Mayan culture, such as the Temple of Warriors or the Caracol, a blue print for modern western astronomical observatories. On the other hand, you can also discover the colonial city of Valladolid: a great example of the mixture of Spanish and Mexican cultures, where you have to try the famous Cochinita Pibil or the rich marquesitas.


3. Ria Lagartos and Ek Balam

Ek Balam-Activities Riviera Maya

Ek Balam

If you love adventure and you’re looking for activities in Riviera Maya, this tour will leave you speechless. Discover the ancient hidden Mayan necropolis at Ek Balam, the location of the tombs of all the leaders of the Mayan civilization. Hidden in the middle of the jungle, these ruins surprise visitors with their reliefs and steep pyramids. On the same day, you will also be lucky enough to get to visit the famous Ría Lagartos lagoon, where you can wonder at the scenery and thousands of flamingos, as well as watching traditional shrimp fishing.



 4. Whale shark in Holbox

whale shark-what to see in Riviera Maya

Whale shark


Unsure what to see in Riviera Maya? Don’t worry. We recommend a unique experience in an incomparable scenario. Can you imagine swimming with sharks? Stop dreaming about it and enjoy this amazing experience now. Princess Hotels offers you a chance to swim with the magnificent whale sharks on Holbox: an island of endless turquoise beaches and white sands that is famous for its ecotourism and protection of the natural environment. Every year it hosts the whale sharkmating season from May to September. This activity is not only for the brave: don’t worry!It’s not dangerous. You will never ever forget the size of theincredible whale sharks.





5. “El Cielo” (Heaven) in Cozumel

El Cielo (Heaven) in Cozumel-visit Riviera Maya

El Cielo (Heaven) in Cozumel


Most of the people that visit Riviera Maya come to enjoy the beaches. However, not many of them know that between the Riviera coast and the island of Cozumel is the second largest coral reef in the world (after Australia). On the island of Cozumel, only 45 minutes by ferry from the Quinta Avenida in Playa del Carmen, you can revel in one of the most incredible visual experiences of your life. We also recommend you do the snorkel tour around the different walls of coral and end the day in Heaven. Yes, you read that right: Heaven. Heaven (El Cielo) could not be named in any other way: the intense blue and infinite stars will transport you to another world.





Don’t think about it any longer! Book your vacations in Riviera Maya with Princess Hotels now. Come and experience these fantastic adventures in the Mexican Caribbean. Truly unforgettable vacations!

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