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Discover fall in the Caribbean

Descubre cómo es el otoño en el Caribe

Where to travel in the fall?

Let’s be absolutely clear about this: come to the Caribbean in the fall.

This is paradise: dream beaches, movie landscapes, relaxation and pure pleasure, an exotic atmosphere, high quality cuisine, magical evenings, a pleasant temperature all year round … what else do we need to say?

If you really want to take a getaway break you will never forget, we recommend you travel in fall to the Caribbean.

Which are the best destinations to visit in the fall?      


Princess Hotels & Resorts would like to recommend what we believe are the best possible destinations for travel in the fall.

  • RivieraMaya: from 36 kilometers south of Cancun to the village known as Punta Allen south of Quintana Roo. This strip of coast offers beautiful white sandy beaches, archaeological treasures, coral reefs, parks, lagoons, rivers, cenotes, underground caves, a great variety of flora and fauna, cabañas, luxury hotels and picturesque villages that still retain ancient Mayanrelics and traditions.
  • Punta Cana: the largest travel destination in the Dominican Republic and part of the province of La Altagracia. Its beaches are simply perfect: warm, calm waters that gently caress the stretches of fine white sand.

Princess Hotels & Resortswould also like to tell you about the best months to visit the Caribbean.For us, it has to be September, October and November. Enjoy the ideal climate, with warm temperatures and dreamy sunsets.

Six reasons to travel to the Caribbean in the fall

Otoño en el caribe-img punta cana

1. You will enjoy the weather in the heart of the tropical rainforest.

The weather in the Caribbean in the fall is at its best according to the people who live here.

  • Minimum temperatures which do not fall below 19ºC.
  • Average temperatures at around 27ºC.
  • Maximums can reach up to 32ºC.

2. You will continue to dress as if it were summer

Forget the boots, the scarves and the coats! Believe it or not, when fall in the Caribbean begins, you can still wear shorts and sandals. The perfect tan never disappears.

3. You will experience ancestral traditions in Riviera Maya

If you decide to travel to Riviera Maya in November and you love Mexican culture, you will have the chance to see one of the most important traditions in Mexico: “El Día de los Muertos” (The Day of the Dead). This is a festival where those that are no longer here on earth but who remain alive in the memories and hearts of the people are celebrated and honored. Traditional meals, costumes and dances fill paradise with color.

4. You will change the way you think about traveling in the fall

While it is true that the fall is associated with brown leaves and large huts in the middle of the forest, we suggest you try fall in the Caribbean, surrounded by the beautiful and unique turquoise blue of the Caribbean.

5. You will discover unimaginable places.

If you consider yourself an adventurous person, then the best time to visit the Caribbean is in the fall. Be astonished by the magnificent archaeological sites and ecological reserves, as the mysticism of the sites and the fall atmosphere combine to reveal an unknown Mexico.

otoño en el Caribe-sitios paradisiacos

6. Fall in Punta Cana: a fantastic destination at an ideal time

On the one hand, Punta Cana is one of the favorite destinations for visitors who travel to the Caribbean, and the fall months are an ideal time to discover the Dominican Republic. The cyclone season is over and there are very nice temperatures throughout the year. There are also less tourists around on excursions.

On the other hand, fall in Punta Cana also brings a lot of festivals that you can’t miss, such as Halloween, Columbus Day, etc.

Finally, it is also the best time to visit the Caribbean to enjoy the spectacular colors of the sunrise and sunset. If you love being hypnotized by the red, pink and orange tones of the morning and evening sky, don’t forget to include Punta Cana on your list of destinations this fall.

What are you waiting for to enjoy its stunning paradise beaches? This fall, come to the Caribbean! Beautiful scenery with turquoise waters, white sand and the highest quality cuisine will leave you absolutely speechless.

These are the best tips we can give you about travel to the Caribbean this fall. What are you waiting for? Come to the Caribbean in the fall and treat yourself to a stay at Princess Hotels!

Hurry and take advantage of our fantastic fall offers in the Caribbean!

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