Descubre cómo celebrar la Navidad en el Caribe
Discover how to celebrate Christmas in the Caribbean with Princess Hotels
Chefs Princess Hotels Punta Cana
The chefs at the Princess Hotels in Punta Cana come out of their kitchens to introduce us to Dominican food

Celebrate a unique New Year in the Caribbean with Princess Hotels

Celebra el Fin de Año en el Caribe de una forma única

This could be the perfect chance to enjoy New Year in the Caribbean, enjoying the sunshine and lovely temperature, perfect for bathing on the beautiful beaches of white sand and crystal-clear waters. See in the New Year under the coconut trees. Enjoy summer vacations in winter, and swap your overcoat for summer clothes in the middle of December. Enjoy a very different New Year’s Eve, an original end to the year and an unforgettable vacation.

Enjoy New Year’s Eve in one of the best places in the world and see in the New Year!

Enjoy New Year in Riviera Maya

Chicas celebrando Año Nuevo en el Caribe

Surrounded by the incredible turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean, Riviera Maya offers one of the most beautiful places to see in the New Year in the Caribbean and enjoy a romantic getaway or a night full of lots of partying and fun.

What is there to do at New Year in Riviera Maya?

Princess Hotels offers you the chance to spend New Year in Riviera Maya in the maximum exclusivity and comfort. We have also prepared everything you need to make your New Year in the Caribbean totally original and completely different:

Extensive dining options: choose from among any of our specialty restaurants or our buffet, and enjoy gourmet dining for dinner, as well as a great choice of desserts.

Special End of 2018 program: dance the night away in our Areito Discotheque, enjoying the live music and the show that the entertainment team has prepared for you.

Discover Fifth Avenue: our proximity to the center of Playa del Carmen means you can visit the famous Fifth Avenue and end the night in one of the bars or discos on 12th Street “Coco Bongo”. You can buy your tickets from the sales reps in the hotel.

Mayan Lands: absorb the mystical energy of the Mayan lands and start 2018 with excursions to amazing ruins and archaeological sites. Leave behind the coat and scarf, and enjoy the sunshine and get yourself a tan on the first day of the year.

Come and celebrate New Year in Punta Cana

Fiesta de celebración Año Nuevo en el Caribe

Imagine how beautiful it would be to celebrate the end of the year watching the final sunset and new sunrise from one of the most famous beaches in Punta Cana: Bávaro Beach. This is the best place to remember the times you have had and the times still to come, near the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and with topical music in the background. Not sure whether it will bring you luck, but it is absolutely sure to bring you instant happiness. A great alternative way to spend New Year in the Caribbean.

In the Dominican Republic, people believe that you will have good luck in the new year if you swim in the sea on January 1 on your back. It is a way to wipe away all that is bad and welcome in all that is good. The extraordinary thing about the country is to see how Dominican traditions combine with customs from other countries. One of them is the Spanish tradition of eating 12 lucky grapes at 6pm (midnight in Spain) or the traditional countdown to midnight ending with a kiss and a toast, inherited from our American neighbors.

What is there to do at New Year in Punta Cana?

White sand beaches and turquoise waters in which to relax with a book and your favorite drink. Just one of the ways you can enjoy New Year’s Eve in the Caribbean. Princess Hotels provides a choice of irresistible offers so you can spend New Year’s Eve in our hotels in Punta Cana. Choose the perfect hotel and the ideal room to make this an extra-special experience:

Activities program: perfectly designed to combine moments of relaxation, peace and intimacy, with others full of fun, games and the Christmas spirit. On arrival, you will receive a catalog with all the details and schedules so you don’t miss any of the activities specially designed to help you celebrate one of the most special times of the year; the last night.

Christmas decoration: we always decorate the hotel for Christmas, and everything looks so much better when you swap the cold and snow for the tropical gardens and Caribbean heat.

Gala dinners: what would New Year’s Eve be like without our amazing Gala Dinners? We want to thank you for being with us because we know it’s one of the biggest meals of the year. The kitchen team led by our magnificent chefs will surprise you with a wide variety of succulent traditional and international dishes. A spectacular and exclusive New Year’s Eve dinner is available both in our buffets and à la carte restaurants, taking care of every last detail.

Caribbean rhythms: to the beat of bachata and merengue, as well as the most popular songs of the day, our entertainment team ae organizing an incredible New Year’s Eve party in the Caribbean, where you can drink, dance and have fun accompanied by our team, DJs and dancers. An incomparable party atmosphere to keep you dancing all night long!

Discover our Christmas offers and enjoy a New Year vacation with a unique Caribbean flavor in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

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Have you been lucky enough to spend New Year in the Caribbean? We invite you to share your experience with us!

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