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Aromatherapy: the best spa experience in Punta Cana

Enjoy the benefits of Aromatherapy during your holidays at Princess Hotels. The Metamorphosis spa in Punta Cana, part of the Bávaro Princess and Caribe Club Princess  hotels (also open to guests staying at the Tropical Princess and Punta Cana Princess hotels), offers a complete range of massages and treatments adapted to all our guests´ needs. Today, we would like to emphasise the benefits of Aromatherapy and essential oils.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils distilled from aromatic plants to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We are currently living in a swiftly changing world where life is quick and stressful… so pure aromas are the perfect natural supplement which will help you regain your harmony.

Unlike other therapies, the curative potential of aromatherapy comes from its capacity to foster relaxation, while at the same time generating a feeling of joy and peacefulness in the recipient.

Relax your self in our Spa in Punta Cana

What is this treatment like in our spa in Punta Cana?

First of all, when you turn up for the appointment, you must choose the oil you desire. There are various options, depending on whether you want it to have an energising, balancing or relaxing effect.

  • Energizing Lime Mandarin

The ENERGIZING LIME MANDARIN oil, containing champagne pear stem cell extracts, is meant to boost your skin. The aromatic mix of fruity tangerine and sour lime reinvigorates your body and mind, recharging your system for the day.

  • Relaxing Lavender Mint

Its aromatic mix of lavender and mint will make your senses tingle, allowing you to leave the daily stress behind. The RELAXING LAVENDER MINT products will wrap your skin in champagne pear stem cell extract and Aachen spring water, among other benefits.

  • Balancing Cashmere Woods

The treatment using the BALANCING CASHMERE WOOD products keeps the perfect balance between your body and soul having a compensatory effect. It is a warm and woody aromatic mix which gives the body a feeling of wellbeing. It strengthens your body due to its active substances such as the champagne pear stem cell extract and the Aachen spring water.


The massage cabin will welcome you with candles burning and releasing soft scents of aromatic essences, an ideal temperature and a dim light, introducing you to the moment when you will reach complete relaxation at our spa in Punta Cana.

Live a highly relaxing experience at the Metamorphosis spa in Punta Cana

Lying on the treatment table, you will start to feel the first signs of relaxation when the expert hands of your professional masseur begin the soothing massage on various parts of your body. Your mind will reach a different dimension while your body is being treated at the resort spa in Punta Cana.

You may leave your children at the mini club available at the Bávaro Princess or the Tropical Princess resorts and take a moment to yourself because you deserve it. Let the aromas act upon your senses. What your body can catch through the smell, it places in the area of spiritual perceptions, harmonising your energetic body and allowing for the regulation of the physical area that needs rebuilding.

If you are staying with your loved one at the Punta Cana Princess, our adults only resort in Punta Cana, and you really want to leave a lasting impression on them, you may wish to surprise them by choosing an aroma that you may afterwards make yours, so that each time you smell it you both feel transported to those marvellous holidays you spent in Paradise. Research has shown that people respond to fragrances at a superior emotional level compared to other senses. An aroma may trigger a whole succession of memories!

So do not doubt it, our Metamorphosis spa in Punta Cana may be the perfect addition to your holidays. Feel free to ask our concierge for more information upon your arrival.

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