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Discover Gran Canaria’s best museums

Which museums not to miss in Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria offers the chance to know its history and culture through its museums. The opportunity to explore the island and discover new spots other than […]

The best activities for children in La Palma

Things to do in La Palma with kids
Because little ones also love to have fun, La Palma Island offers a wide range of entertainment for children so the whole family can enjoy a […]

Fuerteventura, the perfect destination for this summer

Fuerteventura, el destino perfecto para este verano
Fuerteventura offers tourists a variety of activities during the summer months. Thanks to its excellent weather, around 27 ° C in summer, its low humidity, lack […]

Where to dive in Tenerife?

Dónde bucear en Tenerife
If you are a diving enthusiast and want to live a unique experience, we invite you to come and immerse yourself into Tenerife’s crystal-clear waters and […]

What our guests say – Anita und Martin at the Suite Princess

Get to know our guests! Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Anita and Martin from Germany. They remain loyal to the Suite Princess […]

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