Places to watch the best sunsets in the Canary Islands

playa mas
If you are planning to spend a few days in the Canary Islands, one of the things you certainly can’t miss is the beauty of our […]

Majorero cheese: the jewel of Fuerteventura

Majorero cheese: the jewel of Fuerteventura
Besides the spectacular beaches and immense beauty of Fuenteventura, you will also be able to enjoy its diverse and rich cuisine. Speaking of the cuisine of […]

Fuerteventura, the perfect destination for this summer

Fuerteventura, el destino perfecto para este verano
Fuerteventura offers tourists a variety of activities during the summer months. Thanks to its excellent weather, around 27 ° C in summer, its low humidity, lack […]

Famous movies filmed in the Canary Islands

Filme gedreht auf den Kanaren
Throughout the years a lot of movies were shot in the Canary Islands, among these also quite a few hollywood blockbusters. Here we’ve put together a […]

Accept the challenge of the FudeNaS 2016 in Fuerteventura!

Once a year when the FudeNaS kicks off, Fuerteventura turns into Spain’s mountainbike capital. First held in 2007, the 150 km long Mountainbike-Marathon leads from the north […]

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