Top 5 Best ideas for Instagram photos in Punta Cana

Are you ooking for ideas for Instagram photos? How would be of our tips without those immortalized memories? An eternal time machine that allows us to […]

This is how we celebrate World Environment Day at Princess Hotels Caribe

  On the 5th of June, the Environment Day was celebrated worldwide. From Princess Hotels Caribe and as part of our 360 Princess and You social […]

Nursing home Donation by Princess Hotels Punta Cana

Donación Residencia de Ancianos | princess Hotels
  In Princess Hotels Punta Cana we are aware of the importance of a proper community development. In the social actions that can help and the […]

Celebrate your Hindu Wedding in the Caribbean

Boda Hindu | Princess Hotels
  Looking for information about celebrating a Hindu wedding in the Caribbean? What do all countries, cultures and religions have in common? The day of the […]

Gifts for Mother’s Day in the Caribbean with Princess Hotels

Dia de la Madre en el Caribe
  Looking for the best gift for the upcoming Mother’s Day? Did you know that not every country celebrates Mother’s Day on the same date? In […]

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